Sunday, March 07, 2010

Oi Vey

We have had serious problems with our macbook, so bad I wasn't even able to turn it on since January. I believe I start over on the 365 project. I will keep up the posts I already have, but I am going to start over at one and try to get 365 consecutive days. Hopefully the macbook is repaired enough for now for me to get through until our tax return gets here and we can buy a new computer. I think I am done with macs. I love them, and the OS but they are super expensive and I can't just have a computer friend open it up and work on it if something needs fixing. Anyway give me about a week and I will start posting again.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


And here is my post for today. My cabinet door happened to be open (ok, ok, they are always open, it is a bad habit of mine that kills Danny but I can never seem to quite remember to close them lol) And I thought the bowl stacked on top of the assortment of plates looked pretty (I long ago stopped trying to sort the plastic kids stuff, from the casual, from my china so it's all mixed it... we use it all at the Stephens house).

This has very minimal edits, no cropping, just brightened it a little and there was a wood marking in the back of the cupboard that looked almost black so I deleted it so it wouldn't distract from the dishes. I'm very happy with the way it turned out and I've come to realize that I not only do better with, but enjoy, still lifes a lot more.


I had a few... distractions, yesterday. I was unfaithful to my camera and my blog, for that I apologize. However I have made up for it today. I figured the important thing was 365 pictures over the space of a year. I will try to never do this again.
This picture reminds me of my grandma. She passed away almost a year ago (March 9th), and I've been missing her a lot because of the holidays and because her birthday is coming up the beginning of February. This is a teeny tiny, bottle of Chanel No5 my grandfather bought her, in France I believe (he was in the Merchant Marines and always traveling). I received a lot of her stuff when she passed, like all of her perfumes and knitting and crocheting stuff. I will probably never even open it. Anyway, I'm not too certain how I feel about this picture, but I still like the concept, Sugar and Spice (cinnamon lol) and everything nice.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I am madly in love with Now and Laters. Not being able to find any small packs of them anywhere, we (and by we I mean I convinced my husband) decided to buy a 4.5 pound package of candy that had somewhere in the range of 350 pieces of candy in it, just so I could get some Now and Laters. The only down side was the rest of the candy was crappy. about 3 tootsie rolls, 4 smarties, 3 packs of fake sweet tarts, about 20 doctor's office looking suckers, and about 100 pieces of super bubble gum (that actually isn't too bad it's just so hard to get soft enough to chew. The remaining of the package was about 50 now and laters and 7 billion jawbreakers. Since we both hate jaw breakers and our kids probably really would break their jaws, I decided they would not die in vain. I would use them for my 365 project. I must say I couldn't decided between these two pictures because they have been my favorites that I have taken for this project so far. I hope everyone else enjoys them too.


Rudy's first Oreo and my first attempt at leaving something in color and not doing a lot of editing lol


One of my lifelines is a straw. Since I have discovered carbonation is the main reason I enjoy soda I've started drinking club soda mixed with fruit punch crystal light. It's yummy! It's one draw back is that it is red and my teeth stain very easily. I've been told I bleach them too much. Anyway I use straws so the crystal light doesn't touch my teeth as much.

Saturday, January 09, 2010


Part of the zipper and lining of my beloved Christmas present. In the background is the beautiful box it came in, but you really can't see it since edited this to black and white. For more on the background  story of my present, read my personal blog MY DAILY SERENDIPITY, as I am trying to keep the words to a minimum on this blog.