Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I am madly in love with Now and Laters. Not being able to find any small packs of them anywhere, we (and by we I mean I convinced my husband) decided to buy a 4.5 pound package of candy that had somewhere in the range of 350 pieces of candy in it, just so I could get some Now and Laters. The only down side was the rest of the candy was crappy. about 3 tootsie rolls, 4 smarties, 3 packs of fake sweet tarts, about 20 doctor's office looking suckers, and about 100 pieces of super bubble gum (that actually isn't too bad it's just so hard to get soft enough to chew. The remaining of the package was about 50 now and laters and 7 billion jawbreakers. Since we both hate jaw breakers and our kids probably really would break their jaws, I decided they would not die in vain. I would use them for my 365 project. I must say I couldn't decided between these two pictures because they have been my favorites that I have taken for this project so far. I hope everyone else enjoys them too.

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