Thursday, January 14, 2010


I had a few... distractions, yesterday. I was unfaithful to my camera and my blog, for that I apologize. However I have made up for it today. I figured the important thing was 365 pictures over the space of a year. I will try to never do this again.
This picture reminds me of my grandma. She passed away almost a year ago (March 9th), and I've been missing her a lot because of the holidays and because her birthday is coming up the beginning of February. This is a teeny tiny, bottle of Chanel No5 my grandfather bought her, in France I believe (he was in the Merchant Marines and always traveling). I received a lot of her stuff when she passed, like all of her perfumes and knitting and crocheting stuff. I will probably never even open it. Anyway, I'm not too certain how I feel about this picture, but I still like the concept, Sugar and Spice (cinnamon lol) and everything nice.

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