Friday, January 08, 2010

The Naomi Stephens Project

So I decided to hop on the 365 bandwagon and while trying to think of a name for this blog I was thinking I should have something about this being a 365 project... then I was thinking my name should be in there when brilliance hit. I remembered one of my favorite tv characters of all time, Randy Disher from the USA show MONK... and in tribute to his band "The Randy Disher Project" I decided my 365 blog would be The Naomi Stephens Project. I should have put that in the picture I made for the header (made it over at scrapblog, love 'em) but I couldn't get things to look right, I might have to try editing it in picnik so I can have the font sizes I want.

Anyway don't expect a lot from this blog, in fact I will be surprised if I remember to do this everyday. I mainly needed an incentive to pull my camera out more and practice taking pictures. I have a ton of friends who do photography and are a million times better than me, so if you happen to be one of them please don't make fun of my stuff lol, constructive criticism however is welcomed, expected, and desired.

I took this picture this morning. I found this whiskey flask looking bottle of water on our way to Maryland over Christmas break. It is so easy to hold so I decided to continue using it while I am on a search for the perfect refillable water bottle (I think I may have found one actually, perhaps when I get it I will have to do a replacement photo).

Anyway I know it is overexposed, I edited it that way on purpose, I think you can see the movement of the water better. I also upped the contrast, cropped, and switched to black and white, during the editing process. I really like it myself, let me know what you think. (And remember I've never taken any classes, this is all learn as I go type stuff).

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  1. I like it alot!! It is very creative, thats my new goal and to take pictures of stuff that I normally wouldnt think of. Great job! Im glad you are doing this, it will be fun!!


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